Information Technology – Geezer Geek Support

Information Technology. In my world, “IT” (Information Technology) has come to mean: the old guy no longer gets it. I can’t claim complete ignorance of all things IT, as I sit here using a computer to generate this blog for my website in order to communicate … Read more


Sex as we age, “Honey, I have a headache”

Sex as we age, “Honey, I have a headache.” Have you ever heard that one before? How many wild and amorous sex fantasies have come to a screeching halt at the utterance of that particular phrase as we age? One could spend an entire day, or … Read more


Marriage Humor: Honey, Do You Think I Look Old?

 marriage humor

Marriage humor is essential to a healthy relationship. Do you remember watching the old World War II movie where a group of unkempt and haggard soldiers are advancing ever so slowly and carefully through a dark foreboding forest, sunlight casting ominous shadows on the surrounding ground? … Read more


Broccoli or Burrito?

One peaceful Saturday morning I found myself standing in the kitchen leaning over the stove, watching the bubbles in a pan full of oatmeal bursting in their own irreverent hissing symphony. Watching each bubble in the glutinous liquid causing the surface to bulge, burst, and release … Read more


What She Said . . .


My wife and I were chatting the other day regarding the rapidly approaching and dreaded date of April 15th when she smiled sweetly and said, “I stink we wood pile the axes pearly this beer.” Huh? When did she start speaking Wookiee, and … Read more


Newton’s Law of Balding

Looking at photos from a recent wedding reception my wife and I had attended, I came across one of the cake-cutting ceremony. I noticed that in this particular image there was a middle-aged gentleman who was leaning forward to take a photograph of the same scene … Read more