Tech Support- John Connor, We Need You


Technology frustration. I know, right off the bat some of you just slid me into the geezer category and others may not relate to my technology frustration. And I can’t find John Connor in the Yellow Pages. Here is the thing that … Read more


Remembering to Laugh at Memory Loss

Memory. As I age I have noticed that my memory has changed. “Changed,” as in, where did my memory go? One day I had a memory, the next I couldn’t remember that I no longer had a memory. The memory that I do have often provides … Read more


Information Technology – Geezer Geek Support

Information Technology. In my world, “IT” (Information Technology) has come to mean: the old guy no longer gets it. I can’t claim complete ignorance of all things IT, as I sit here using a computer to generate this blog for my website in order to communicate … Read more


Sex as we age, “Honey, I have a headache”

Sex as we age, “Honey, I have a headache.” Have you ever heard that one before? How many wild and amorous sex fantasies have come to a screeching halt at the utterance of that particular phrase as we age? One could spend an entire day, or … Read more


Marriage Humor: Honey, Do You Think I Look Old?

 marriage humor

Marriage humor is essential to a healthy relationship. Do you remember watching the old World War II movie where a group of unkempt and haggard soldiers are advancing ever so slowly and carefully through a dark foreboding forest, sunlight casting ominous shadows on the surrounding ground? … Read more


Broccoli or Burrito?

One peaceful Saturday morning I found myself standing in the kitchen leaning over the stove, watching the bubbles in a pan full of oatmeal bursting in their own irreverent hissing symphony. Watching each bubble in the glutinous liquid causing the surface to bulge, burst, and release … Read more